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  • Full payment is required 48 hours prior to each driving lesson.
  • Minimum 48 hours notice is required to cancel or to reschedule a driving lesson.
  • Students must have their valid driver's licence with them for each driving lesson.
  • We do not offer refunds for lessons already completed.
  • If a road test has been booked by Licence To Drive Ltd, students must give ICBC 72 hours notice to cancel. Failure to do this may result in ICBC charging the student a $25 late cancellation fee.
  • If you wish to arrange for one of our driver training vehicles for your road test, there is a minimum 3- hour charge of $90/hr. This includes; 2 hours of lessons and practice time before your road test. On completion of the lesson, the instructor will determine if the student is ready for their road test, and also determine if you are qualified to use our student vehicle for the road test.
  • If it is suspected that the student has used drugs or drinking alcohol prior to their driving lesson, the lesson will be cancelled by the instructor, full charges will apply and there will not be a refund for the cancelled lesson.
  • If you wish to discontinue future lessons and have paid with a credit card, a 5% charge will be applied to the refund.
  • Within 48hours; cancellations and no-show fees- $60.00 per hour will be applied and the lesson will be rescheduled to accommodate, we expect your commitment.

LAST UPDATED: 2021-10-14


Licence to Drive, LTD reserves the right to cease training for any reason whether written herein or otherwise.

Full payment must be made 2 weeks , or 10 business days prior to training. If full payment is not collected, the training schedule and times requested will no longer be available.

All vehicles used for training must pass pre-trip inspection by a Licence To Drive, LTD instructor.

Other equipment required:

  • flashlight
  • timer
  • 9/16 wrench
  • brake buddy (pry bar)

Also, helpful if a creeper with big wheels (off-road) is available for going under vehicles and trailer for pre-trip inspections.

All drivers must have valid learner's licence with them for start of each lesson

LAST UPDATED: 09-16-16

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