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Welcome to Licence To Drive, where we've got all your air brake endorsement needs covered - whether you prefer in-class or online learning! And guess what? We're the first and only school in BC to offer both options. Talk about being ahead of the curve!

With our comprehensive in-class courses, led by our experienced instructors, you'll dive deep into the world of air brakes alongside fellow learners. But hey, if cozying up at home in your pajamas sounds more appealing, our online option has got you covered. No need to swap those slippers for steel-toed boots - unless you really want to!

Schedules for both online and in-class sessions will be posted right here on this page. So, keep your eyes peeled for those time slots, because learning never looked so organized!

So, whether you're gearing up for a career in commercial driving, volunteering for your local fire department, embarking on adventures in your brand-new RV, or just looking to boost your driving skills, Licence To Drive has the ideal air brake course for you. Enroll today and let's hit the road - whether it's in-class or online, we'll be there every step of the way, cheering you on towards success!

LINK TO ICBC - icbc.com - air brake page

Commercial Truck
How to apply for an air brake endorsment

Air Brake Courses - *choose one of the following! *

We are the First and Only school in BC to offer the Online Air Brake Course!

*Certified Course* $350.00

(usually for a class 5 licence, and you are not upgrading to a higher-class licence)

• Includes 7 hours classroom theory on air brake systems, along with 4 hours of practical training on conducting a pre-trip inspection.

• After all training is completed, your practical test will be done with us.

Air Brakes
Air Brakes

*Non-Certified Course* $210.00

(for those who will be upgrading to a higher-class licence 1, 2, or 3)

• Includes 7 hours of classroom theory on air brake systems.

• Your practical test will be done at ICBC during the vehicle's pre-trip inspection test, just prior to the driving portion of your road test.

If you have any questions regarding our air brake courses, please feel free to contact us.

Air Brake System

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