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Commercial Truck Commercial Truck Classes

Class 1, 2 & 3 Driver Training; $140/hr


Benefits Include: Employee Travel-time expense costs savings. Employee Lodging expense costs savings. Employees will be fully trained for Total Safe Operation of your company vehicles. We can book and coordinate your employee's ICBC Commercial Road Tests – so, when our students have completed their training, they will be fully prepared for the ICBC Pre-Trip Inspections and Road Test and ready to work when your employees receive their newly upgraded Licence To Drive!

• 32 hours of Behind the Wheel Driving Training Package. Includes; Air Brake Theory Course. $4470

• ICBC Knowledge Test Prep Group Workshops. 5 hours – $900 ($1125 for more than 15 students in a class)

• Air Brake Courses. $150ea. Air Brake Practical Inspection Assessment. $150

• In-Class Theory Workshops. $180/hr ($225 for more than 15 students in a class)

      • Driving as a Professional and the Skills Required to Stay Safe. 8hrs

      • Cargo Load Security Training. (Workshop times will vary depending on cargo requirements and # of students participating)

• Vehicle Pre-Trip Inspection Training. $140/hr, 2hrs min.

• Behind the Wheel Training. $140/hr, 2hrs min.

• Driver Assessments of Employees. 2hrs – $280

• Mock ICBC Road Test. Includes; Pre-trip Inspection and Behind the Wheel Testing to Simulate a ICBC Road Test. 2hrs – $280

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Class 1, 2 & 3 Driver Training; $140/hr

Vehicle Pre-Trip Inspection and Behind the Road Training. Presented In A Way That ANYONE Can Perform Extremely Well On Their very 1st Class 4 (restricted or unrestricted) ICBC Road Test!

• Class 4 (Restricted) uber, Lyft, and taxi.

• Class 4 (Unrestricted) uber, Lyft, VIP shuttle vehicles, and taxi.

• We can Book and Coordinate ICBC Commercial Road Tests – so, when you have completed the training, you will be fully prepared for the ICBC Pre-Trip Inspection and Road Test and ready to work when you receive your newly upgraded Licence To Drive!

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Driver Commercial Truck Classes

Air Brake System

Air Brake Courses; Presented In A Way That Is Easy And Fun For ANYONE To Understand!

Air Brake Theory Course, 7 hrs In-Class – $200 ea.

Air Brake Certification Course, 7 hrs In-Class and 4 Hours Air Brake Inspection Assessment – $350 ea.

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Mandatory entry-level training (MELT) is being introduced for drivers who wish to obtain a Class 1 commercial B.C. driver's licence. Drivers will need to successfully complete a MELT course before taking their Class 1 road test.

​​MELT for Class 1 driver licence applicants is a prerequisite effective October 18, 2021.​ If you're interested in becoming an authorized driver training school, review the requirements below. Your instructors need MELT​ training to become authorized to deliver MELT.

B.C.'s Class 1 MELT course includes practical in-yard training, on-highway driving and theoretical learning components.

There is a focus on National Safety Code compliance for commercial vehicle safety, hours of service requirements, load securement, and other fundamentals like air brakes and professional on-highway driving skills.

The B.C. Class 1 MELT course emphasizes safe operating practices for B.C.'s mountainous geography and diverse climate conditions and highlights the unique driving conditions that can occur in other jurisdictions.

The course is 150 hours and includes air brake training as well as 6 hours of mandatory flexible practical training. A detailed B.C. Class 1 MELT Curriculum Framework is available on

Students should complete the training in accordance with the schedules set by ICBC-approved driver training schools or institutes that offer the course.

Students are required to complete the B.C. Class 1 MELT course within 12 months from the date of enrolment, but it is expected students will complete the course in a much shorter timeframe.​​

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